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Frequently asked questions

How do you get the highest price?

We get your bike attention across all of the major social media channels, on cycling-specific forums, communities, online marketplaces, newsletters, and more. It’s like a massive auction for your bike. The highest bidder wins. 

What kind of bikes do you accept?

We accept all kinds bikes, so long as they are in decent shape and, of course, legally obtained. Road bikes are the most popular type of bike we accept, though we don’t shy away from mountain bikes, e-bikes, cruisers, cyclocross, etc. 

What details do I need to provide?

Pictures! We want high-quality pics of your bike, otherwise it might not sell or get a high price. Beyond that, we need all the basics: specs, upgrades, any nicks or bruises, miles (if you know), and any other relevant details.

Do you keep me updated throughout?

Definitely. We will need your help in case any interested buyers have questions. Of course, we’ll also keep you posted as each offer comes in. Once you accept an offer, we’ll close the sale and connect you with the buyer.

Do I need to ship my bicycle?

It’s likely, yes. This is because we search far and wide for the best buyer. Don’t worry. Your local bike shop can ship the bike for you and you can make the buyer choose for shipping by accepting an appropriate offer. 

What's in it for you? Why are you doing this?

We’re building an online marketplace for new and used bicycles. As part of our efforts to sell your bike, we will list your bike on our website. Eventually, we hope our marketplace becomes the place to find great cycling deals.

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