Listing Types

You can choose from a few different types of listings at Secondhand Cycle. Depending on what kind of item you are trying to sell, one type of listing may be more appropriate than another. Remember, we don’t get paid unless your item sells! If you find that one type of listing didn’t work out well, you can take it down and post it as another type of listing (i.e. fixed price vs. auction). Check out the listing types below:



Auction-type listings are where you as the seller place an item (or items) up for bidding. Then, potential buyers compete with one another by placing bids on your item. Auctions run for a set amount of time and the highest bidder at the end of auction wins the item. Note that, on SHC, you can also specify a “Buy It Now” price, which will allow eager buyers to instantly purchase your item at a price of your choosing. 

When to use an auction-type listing

When you’re selling a used item and you’re not quite sure what kind of price you can get for it. With an auction, you can let the market (buyers) decide what they are willing to pay via the bidding process.

When you’re selling a high-demand or rare item. This creates a competition between buyers who want the item — which ultimately means more money for you as the seller.

When you have items that, for whatever reason, are not moving. Putting these items up for auction can be a fantastic way of selling them and building up exposure.


Fixed Price

Fixed-price listings are where you as the seller set a single price for an item and anyone can buy the item at that price, instantly. There is no bidding like that of an auction-type listing. With a fixed-price listing, you can list multiple items (i.e. cycling jerseys) under a single listing. You can also configure this listing to optionally allow buyers to make offers and negotiate a price with you.

When to use a fixed price listing

When you don’t want any surprises. You know what price you will get when the item sells, each and every time it sells (if you have more than one of the items to sell on the same listing). 

When you are playing the long game and want to build your business slowly but steadily. There is a significant portion of buyers who tend to favour quick sales over hanging around and waiting for deals, so you can use the potentially shorter time-frame of fixed-price listings to your advantage.

If you are store or brand and not selling as an individual, it may make sense for you to use fixed-price listings to clear any inventory you may have. 

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