Identity Verification

Buying and selling online requires trust. At Secondhand Cycle, we give every user the opportunity to verify their identity. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes at most. With a verified identity, you are helping to make SHC the most trusted place to buy and sell bicycles and cycling gear on the web.

Why verify?

Verification reduces fraud. Sellers are more likely to accept offers from verified buyers and buyers are more likely to purchase from verified sellers. Verification creates trust among members of the Secondhand Cycle and gives confidence to users who are transacting with each other.

How It Works

Choose your country

This will be the country that issued your government identification or passport

Upload your Photo ID

Using the camera on your phone or computer, snap a clear picture of your photo ID. You'll have a choice of what kind of identification (passport, ID card, etc.). Then upload the picture once you're ready.

Take a Selfie

This step is to ensure that you are actually the person who appears in your identification document. Follow the on-screen instructions, turning your head as needed, to complete this step.

... then you're done!

We take your data and privacy seriously

Nobody wants their personal data sold, leaked, or misused in any way. That’s why we spent months looking for the right partner to perform identity verification services for Secondhand Cycle. After many calls and reference checks, we landed on PersonaSeveral large companies trust Persona to care for their user’s data, and so do we. The team at Persona is fantastic and we have full confidence in them to handle your data appropriately and immediately delete any uploads after the verification process is complete.

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