Fraud Protection

We love cycling and we love growing this platform for people like you, which is why we want to ensure that Secondhand Cycle is free of fraudsters. While it’s impossible to filter out all nefarious activity, we do take a number of measures to try and prevent scammers upfront or ban them from the platform later on.

We require every user on the site to provide a valid credit card when registering. Scammers looking to make a quick dollar are less likely to proceed if they are asked for credit card details.

We review the profile of every user who registers on the site. Some of us have day jobs working in the financial technology sector, so we have a good idea of the profile of a scammer.

Listings are constantly monitored. In order to maintain a quality platform, we will proactively reach out to users with low quality listings (i.e. bad pictures, misrepresentations, etc.). If we don’t hear back or there is a refusal to update the listing for no good reason, we won’t hesitate to remove listings. You can help us. If you suspect a listing is a scam, please notify us and link to the listing in question.

Law Enforcement

We will work with local law enforcement to pursue scammers who rob others of their money or property. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to going after fraudsters.

We sometimes trigger ID verification within our registration process. While this may frustrate some good users, our belief is that it will significantly deter scammers from using the platform.

Identity Verification

We partner with Secondhand Cycle users to police the marketplace. There are some experienced buyers and sellers out there who help us keep the community safe and enjoyable for everyone. 

On Secondhand Cycle, there’s an ever-evolving conversation around putting the right measures in place to prevent fraud on the platform while still allowing people to freely buy and sell. If you have any ideas about what else we could be doing to defeat the scammers, please let us know.

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