Our Fees

We only get paid when you get paid. 

In order to provide our service, Secondhand Cycle charges sellers a 6% final sale price fee for each item sold. Compare this to the 10% you would pay on eBay.

Sellers have the option to upgrade their listings with things like homepage features and sale badges. A small fee is charged for these upgrades (prices available when creating a listing).

Buyers do not pay any fees. 

For sellers, the 6% final value fee is charged on the final selling price of the item. For example, if you sell a bike for $1,000, you would earn $1,000 from the buyer while paying $60 in fees, bringing your total earnings from the sale to $940. 

As another example, say you sell some classic cycling shoes at auction for $237.50. Because your listing was successful, you will earn the $237.50 from the buyer while paying $14.25 in fees (6% of $237.50), bringing your total earnings to $223.25.

As a seller, there’s no risk for you. You only pay a final value fee if your item sells. The upgrades may help you sell your item more quickly, but they are not necessary to have a successful experience on SHC.

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