Accepting Payment

As a seller on Secondhand Cycle, you have the ability to accept payments however you prefer. When you post a listing, you must specify your payment terms so that potential buyers know what to expect. If a buyer has won your item or decided to purchase an item from you, they have agreed to the terms of the transaction, including your preferred payment method.

The two most common ways of accepting payments for you items are through either PayPal or Stripe.

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PayPal is a global online payments system that allows users to easily transfer money between each other, or in the case of SHC, a buyer to a seller. As a seller, you can easily set up a PayPal account and start accepting payments from buyers. All users have to do is pay using a credit card. PayPal offers some amount of protection for both buyers and sellers and can help resolve disputes.

Create a PayPal Account
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Setting up a Stripe account to accept payments is a good choice if you are an established, legally-registered business. You will be prompted for this business information when you go to sign up for a Stripe account, so make sure you have it ready. Note that you do not have to be an established business and you can sign up if you're an individual seller. Stripe, however, does not have buyer/seller protection.

Create a Stripe Account

Note that both payment processors take a small fee, but they are by far the easiest way to accept payments online. They are both well-known, global companies used by merchants you know. 

If you are looking to avoid any sort of payment processor fees, you can choose to use any other payment method out there. Note, however, that you may have a hard time finding buyers if your payment method is common with scammers (i.e. personal checks) or is not feasible (i.e. cash).

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